A production of metal accessories that springs from creativity

Innovation and tradition


Our company produces every kind of metal accessory for leather goods, footwear and clothing industry on the Brand own design. We make buckles, eyelets, rings, locks, zip pullers, snap hooks, sliders, frames, metal clutches, key holders and much more products for bags, shoes and clothing.

Furthermore, we are also growing in the production of pieces for interior design and visual merchandising, besides our experience in costume jewellery and decorative items.
The Cad-Cam design is the first step of our production process, followed by the prototyping and sampling phase. This process assures to share with Designers and Product Managers all the relevant information before starting production.
Every step of our production is done in close partnership with the Style staff of the Brands we work with.

The materials we use most are brass and zamak, but we also work steel, aluminium alloys, titanium, steel bronze, wood, plastics, gold and silver.
Our last purchase, a high precision laser-cutting machine, is a valuable help in production for a quick and accurate production of accessories with no moulding costs.
We take care of the surface treatments and galvanic finish with a network of trusted partners, being able to deliver the finished product in an impressive range of finishes.

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